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Thank you for considering scheduling an initial consultation with Magee Law Group.  We have tried to create an efficient and effective way for potential clients to meet with our team by creating the ability to schedule consultations over the internet, to set up in-person, phone, and video chat initial consultations.  In order to engage in these modern, time-efficient methods and offer an initial consultation service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IS FORMED: By agreeing to and partaking in an initial consultation, You agree that no attorney-client relationship is formed between Kyle P. Magee, Esq., Magee Law Group, and/or its other attorneys and agents (collectively referred to herein as “Attorney”) and You, the prospective client (referred to herein interchangeably as “You” or “the prospective client”).  The purpose of the initial consultation is to provide information only and is of an informational nature only.  Statements by the Attorney to You do not constitute legal advice. To the extent that this initial consultation could be considered an attorney-client relationship, You agree to waive the right to it as an attorney-client relationship in order to have an initial consultation. “Initial consultation” refers to any initial consultation by You with the Attorney, regardless of if it is paid or not paid by You.


INITIAL CONSULTATIONS ARE NOT PROTECTED BY ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE: The information discussed between the Attorney and You is not privileged because an attorney-client relationship has not been formed. Any information You provide to the Attorney will be kept private and not shared with third parties unless required by other legal representations or law; however, since no attorney-client relationship is formed, for the purpose of attorney-client confidentiality, the information discussed at the initial consultation is not confidential, and You agree to waive the right to confidentiality in order to have an initial consultation.


WAIVER OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST: You understand that you have an absolute right to conflict of interest free legal representation. You understand that by engaging Attorney for an initial consultation, you agree to forever waive any actual or potential conflict of interest that may result from the initial consultation unless an attorney-client relationship is subsequently established. This means, for example, that if you are the opposing party in an ongoing matter and You sign up for an initial consultation with Attorney, this initial consultation will not disqualify Attorney from representing the other party.  Furthermore, you agree you are not engaging Attorney in a consultation for the sole purpose of disqualifying Attorney from representing another party. You understand any information provided in the initial consultation shall not be used to disqualify Attorney from representing another party. You understand if Attorney detects there is an actual or potential conflict of interest, Attorney shall have the sole right to cancel the initial consultation at any time. By engaging in an initial consultation, you agree to waive any right to claim a conflict of interest against Attorney in their representation of any other party, including You, and You agree to waive any right to bring any action whatsoever to disqualify Attorney from representing You or any other party for any reason in the future.


DISCLAIMER OF GUARANTEES AND ESTIMATES: Attorney’s statements to You will not be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of Your matter. Attorney makes no such promises or guarantees. Attorney’s comments about the outcome of the matter are expressions of opinion only. Any estimate of fees given by Attorney shall not be a guarantee, and You acknowledge given the complexity of legal matters, Attorney cannot guarantee what the overall fees and costs in a transaction will be. Actual fees may vary from estimates given. You acknowledge there is inherent risk in legal proceedings and there is no certain outcome that can be predicted, and Attorney is unable to guarantee any result.


At Magee Law Group, we are dedicated to providing excellent client service. If you have any questions about the aforementioned terms and conditions, please feel free to either e-mail us at or call us at (404) 919-3010.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your matter with you.

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Atlanta, GA 30339

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